Roberto Hroval: Themis Ecosystem™ and Online Industrial Exchange™ Will Accept Only CO2 Negative and Future-Oriented Projects

Roberto Hroval, the founder of Project Phoenix8 and US$22 billion giant Themis Ecosystem™, explains what types of projects will be listed on the Online Industrial Exchange™. “Themis ecosystem™ wasn’t created for our projects exclusively,” says Hroval. “There are some really good projects which significantly reduce global CO2 emissions, solve major problems, create huge improvements for […]

Roberto Hroval from Project Phoenix8™ Launches the Themis Ecosystem™

Roberto Hroval, Project Phoenix8™, launched a new project called Themis Ecosystem™. It is an online environment where special e-vouchers that represent green industry outputs can be traded. Like many business owners, Hroval didn’t have the conditions to construct his new Biomass Ultima™ plant and the Project Phoenix8™ factory in Europe as planned.

Digital Currencies 2019: A Retrospective

Like any other year, December brings memories… and some revelations as well. It was quite a ride! We kept our fingers crossed for Facebook’s Libra, observed how China develops a national digital currency, and hoping for crypto to fight the bears. But there was quite a lot going on in other areas as well. Let’s […]