How Online Industrial Exchange (OIX) Gets Financed

Amid the grand launch of multiple projects within the Themis Ecosystem – Including the first European green electricity factory from waste, an anti-stress chamber, and vertical farming for high-quality vegetables – opening the OIX Commodity Exchange stands out as a critical milestone.
What sets OIX apart is its ability to provide supporters with direct access to digitized tangible products created by the selected, outstanding technologies called the “drivers” within the Themis Ecosystem.
The operation and business model of OIX will resemble that of other exchanges. Suppliers wishing to sell their products must convert them into e-vouchers called iTo/IRMU (Industrial Raw Material Unit), denominated in US dollars. As a result, all products will have a common denominator.
Then, IRMUs will be offered for free trading, where supply and demand will create a momentary price.


Launching the OIX exchange

Despite the operational setbacks caused by 2020, we have reshaped our core vision and taken a significant leap forward, saving us approximately seven years of development. One of the crucial changes has been the decision to simultaneously launch multiple projects. Careful preparation and synchronization are necessary to ensure their smooth execution.
“We have always aimed to activate, connect, and start things at the right time while also maintaining a prudent balance when needed,” said Roberto Hroval, the founder of the Themis Ecosystem. “However, the momentum we have gained has surpassed our expectations. If we initially discussed cents, today we are already talking about tens of dollars for one iTo/IRMU. We are concurrently paving the way for IRMU to surpass even 2,000 dollars within the first ten years.”
However, when launching the exchange, the crucial part is providing sufficient funds for the required cash flow. In our case, three funding sources have emerged as key pillars of this vision and a realistic means to implement the outlined plan.
The money we get will be used to buy back IRMUs from supporters. This approach ensures that supporters who have bought IRMUs will always have a buyer eager to buy their IRMUs.


1.  The first source of funding: Sale of technical equipment and know-how

The first funding source is selling the technical equipment used to build the drivers, including know-how, control systems, service parts, and mechanical parts supplied by Themis Ecosystem. In the first phase, the European market is guaranteed, with a value of 770 million EUR (844 million USD).
The return on investment (ROI) period is just three years, which is remarkably short for a technologically advanced factory processing waste materials. Thirty percent of the investment returns will be used to purchase IRMUs.
Simultaneously, the factory also produces valuable commodities that are highly sought-after and command high prices on the market, such as green electricity, CO2 negativity, and organic carbon black.
The market value of these products amounts to 442 million EUR (484,5 million USD) per year, with an average price increase of 2% annually. Thirty percent of these funds will also be allocated to purchase IRMUs.


2.  The second source of funding: Futures trading and IRMU loans

The form of selling products created in the future is already a common practice. Futures contracts, or simply futures, are traded in many markets. At their core, futures are derivative contracts that enable the buying or selling of assets at an agreed-upon price on a future date.
These contracts serve as powerful risk management tools, allowing individuals and entities to protect themselves against potential price swings. By engaging in futures trading, investors can establish a specific price at which they are willing to transact, providing a level of certainty amidst uncertain market conditions.
The versatility of futures trading is evident in the wide range of assets. Commodity futures encompass agricultural products, energy resources, precious metals, etc., allowing investors to diversify their portfolios and capitalize on price movements in these sectors.
Said another way, futures trading empowers astute investors to seize advantageous positions and unlock the potential for substantial gains. By securing a specific price and safeguarding against future uncertainties, businesses can confidently navigate the ever-evolving financial landscape.
All drivers of the Themis Ecosystem are suitable for marketing through futures trading for three, five, and ten years in advance, with a minimum quota for the first five business years totaling 2,5 billion EUR (2,74 billion USD). The entire amount generated from futures trading will be used to purchase IRMUs.
In addition to this financing method, we will implement an innovative approach involving lending IRMUs to third parties through a so-called logarithmic asset lending system.
This lending system utilizes IRMUs as active components owned by the company. The projected profit from this method exceeds one billion EUR (1,1 billion USD) annually, and all funds will be used to purchase IRMUs.


3.  The third source of funding: Collaboration with investment firms

We actively negotiate with representatives from major global investment firms. We have already negotiated partnerships with the first two Asset Management companies, managing a total of 12 trillion USD, to gradually participate in the acquisition of IRMUs.
As we assess the appropriate time, we will invite an additional 1,6 million participants, collectively possessing around 10 billion USD of investment capital, to participate.
It is important to emphasize that all calculations are based on existing and already secured Themis Ecosystem drivers. After the OIX launch and the stabilization of operations, we will connect new projects, including those from external companies.
Consequently, the financial plan will be upgraded. But for now, we took into consideration only the done-deal projects.


Summary and forecast

The current ten-year plan involves numerous exclusive technologies, companies, and projects that will ensure the necessary stability, development, and expansion of operations, ultimately leading to the successful development of OIX.
We are concurrently developing technologies and projects, with the first European driver, the green electricity factory from waste, nearing completion.
The construction of the anti-stress capsule, Asclepious8, intended for public use, is also nearing its conclusion. To maximize its potential, we have entrusted the project to the region’s best PR agency, making it responsible for promoting the project.
Although this project is not a Themis Ecosystem driver, it aligns with our values. It complements the overall story we offer to the market, expressing social responsibility and providing direct benefits to the local population. It will also contribute to additional media support by drawing attention to the Themis Ecosystem.
Another project of the same manner and in the same stage of development, John’s Organic Roots, focuses on local, high-quality vegetable production through vertical farming. The off-take of vegetables and exclusive production of new vertical farming units are guaranteed. Utilizing the surplus green electricity the Themis Ecosystem’s driver generates, we will connect twenty additional units for every installed megawatt of power.
In conclusion, the projects are progressing according to plan, and we are excited about the upcoming simultaneous mega-launch of the outlined initiatives. We will inform you about the progress via our usual communication channels.


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