You Produce 100W of Energy Daily, and You Will Be Able to Trade It: An Innovative Public Platform is About to Hit the Market and Change the Game

An innovative ecosystem, called we4Next Nation, is about to be officially released. It would be the first public platform gathering like-minded people who want to clean the planet and, if they wish, earn some money on the way.

We4Next Nation is a part of the global Themis Ecosystem, aiming to become a supportive environment for three groups of people: the ones who cherish charity programs, the ones who support green life and preservation of the planet with their attitude – or good vibes – and the ones who want to make some money by supporting the best green, future-oriented technologies.

The charity part of the We4Next platform will support organizations and individuals who selflessly care for the planet, people, and animals in need.

The second part of the We4Next Nation platform, dedicated to a “good vibe” program, is based on a unique reward system. It allows everyone to exchange their life energy for special e-vouchers called Industrial Tokens (iTos).

ITos are made of two parts. The first is a proportion of the final product that a selected green project (that issued iTos) produces. The second is a portion of CO2 that the factory creates during the process. So when you possess iTos, you also possess negative CO2 that can make you and your family CO2-negative.

“That way,” the founder Roberto Hroval explained, “the iTo holder not only buys goods in a form of an e-voucher but also CO2 neutrality. At the same time, the holder helps to reduce greenhouse gas on a global level. Our factors calculate the exact amounts so everyone knows how much he or she contributes to the carbon dioxide reduction.”

Back to the “good vibes” program – all that the members need to do to get iTos is take some time and write a few sentences about the green future, the planet, fair prosperity, and the environment.

Exchanging energy for Industrial Tokens is based on science. Studies show that an adult generates about 100W of energy every day. Writing a nice, uplifting thought takes some energy. So the movement wants to reward everyone with the appropriate number of Industrial Tokens. Once a year, three posts with the most reactions and shares will win a gold, silver, and bronze prize. Authors will be rewarded with even more iTos.

The third group of We4Next Nation gathers supporters of selected green technologies who also want to make some money. They possess Industrial Tokens already.

The Industrial Token-holders from the second and the third group will be able to exchange iTos for money on a special platform called Online Industrial Exchange (OIX). This all-new exchange is about to hit the market with its innovative approach shortly.

The OIX will operate on a classic supply and demand basis, Roberto Hroval announced. The trading process is very simple. Once the iTo holders decide to sell the tokens, they will migrate them from the special vault to the OIX, announcing the price they want to get for iTo. Potential buyers will either agree with the price and buy Industrial Tokens or suggest their counter-offer. When the buyer and the seller agree upon the price, the trading process is automatically set to motion.

One of the important facts is that the exchange will work without commission and third parties involved.

Hroval exposes that the token-holders will also help the team to do more charity work in the background. That is, they will clean the planet, support green exclusive technologies, contribute to charities, and raise their prosperity without changing their lifestyles.


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