While Crypto Is Falling Like a Rock, New Crysis Is Coming, Mainstream Economy Is Cooling Down and Inflation Is Overheating… There Is No Crysis for Us and Here Is Why

In recent days, we have received a few questions about the future of PP8 iTo, given the current or upcoming global financial and geopolitical situation.

We are pleased to be on the right track – even in these challenging times – and we can openly say: calm down and relax. Everything is alright.

Themis Ecosystem and its subsystems are strategically designed to be fundamentally bulletproof to everything related to currencies (cryptocurrencies including), overall mainstream economic, and other crises.

First of all, PP8 Industrial Token (PP8 iTo) is not a cryptocurrency but an electronic voucher. It has its own micro and macroeconomy that is not based on any currencies. It is based on tangible, and long-term products that are and will stay in high demand for the next fifty years, at least.

More specifically, PP8 iTo represents Project PHOENIX8’s output products which are green electricity in MWh and CO2 negativity in metric tones.


Shifts and facts that are boosting our value

A German energy giant Siemens announced that “worldwide, electricity consumption is forecast to double by 2050” due to the digitalization and electrification of society.

The big problem is that we, as a society, do not have a technological solution for the upcoming expansion. This is the reason why big countries are considering building nuclear power plants – something that was inconceivable until recently. So, regardless of the crisis, a new industrial revolution is taking an unstoppable place.

Thousands of media portals and organizations, including WMO (World Meteorological Organization) and the United Nations, published an alarming study. Global warming is hitting the planet faster than expected. An increase in temperature of 1.5 degrees Celsius on Earth’s surface can occur as early as 2026.

All of these facts support our vision and forecast higher prices of strategic products and services that our ecosystem and Industrial Tokens offer in the short and long term run.


PP8 Industrial Token is based on real, tangible value – that is why is born to win the game

As long as electricity and CO2 reduction will be in demand, our Industrial Token is set to not only survive but strive. Right now, the prices of electricity and the price of CO2 coupons are rising. This is why the price of PP8 iTo continually rises as well.

The last price of PP8 iTo we noticed was 4,01 USD/PP8 iTo and is rising faster than expected. So, the current and upcoming market shift did not and will not affect the PP8 iTo price whatsoever.

We are strategically and carefully controlling the price of PP8 iTo, adjusting it to many parameters, and preparing PP8 iTo to hit the Online Industrial Exchange just at the right moment.

So don’t worry. You will be informed about all future endeavors and necesery steps when needed.


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