»Themis Ecosystem Will Be One of the Biggest Things, Ever…«


Mr. ALEKSANDAR MILOHNOJA, Senior Executive Consultant with a Master’s degree in Law, is an experienced lobbyist with great contacts and connections in politics, economics, and academic circles in Middle/Eastern Europe and the Middle East region.

His specialties are social and structural projects, ecology, and renewable energy sources. He has participated in and completed more than hundred seven-figure deals. His business philosophy is: “There is no deal that I can’t close.”

Because he worked as a film critic early in his career, he enjoys watching a good movie and listening to music. His favorite movie is Bohemian Rapsody.

He is also a very open and positively oriented person. “Always look at the brightest side of life,” he believes. “Always try to stay in the right relationship, don’t close the door. Inhale, exhale, think again… And then decide.”

Aleksandar is also a lover of Montey Payton and unique English black humor.


Mr. Aleksandar Milohloja, how have you been connected to green living so far?

In my career, I have participated in many ecological projects. I have brought together business people, governments, and European funds, allowing me to donate millions of euros to war-torn areas. I have carried out many very important infrastructural ecological projects. So, this subject is not foreign to me and I believe in it very much.

Actually, I have been dedicated to green living and preserving the planet for a very long time. I was one of the first to buy a hybrid vehicle many years ago, recycle waste, look after the environment, and be focused on a future – that is green! If each person does their little maximum, we can do a lot together.


Where have you heard about Themis Ecosystem and Project Phoenix8?

I have helped the founder Roberto Hroval in the past, we have known each other for years. I was present in the development of Project Phoenix8 and Biomass Ultima, which were a kind of precursor of Themis Ecosystem, from the beginning.

When the gigantic Themis Ecosystem project, OIX, etc. emerged out of them, I was really excited. I was happy to join so we could get things done in the best way possible.

According to my decades-long career and broad experiences, this project is the most future-oriented and realistic of all I have seen. It offers more than others, it is perfectly set up and tuned for the next 100 years. I can proudly say that I have yet to see such an advanced, much-needed, and long-term shift for the future of humanity and the environment as represented by Themis Ecosystem.


How do you see the project today? Any stories from the background?

This thing has exceeded all expectations, I can tell you that. Apparently, the project is somehow destined for the founder to carry it out, as it rises to ever-increasing dimensions. The project – or projects – are huge, but things just kind of come together naturally and without major problems. Everything coincides and success is here.

The project is so extraordinary that I also invited my friends, acquaintances, family, etc. The response was, again, above expectations.

I am proud to be able to participate. This story will be one of the biggest ever.


How does this project fit into the future?

It fits as well as it gets. I like to think out of the box. Unfortunately, only a few people think so. But they should. I believe that we, as humanity, have finally come to the decision that we need to do something more for the future of civilization and the environment.

I am glad that people realized the seriousness of the problems and started acceleratedly thinking about the outcome. Themis Ecosystem offers the solution, so be prepared to hear and read more and more about it!

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