»Themis Ecosystem Is Aimed to Disrupt the Industry the Way Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Steve Jobs Have Done…«


Today, we are talking to Mr. Matej Pirtovsek, Master of Science in Economics, from Slovenia, EU. His career is an interesting and colorful one. Among other positions, he has worked in banking supervision (on-site bank examiner), was head of financial institutions in the bank, and an adviser to the management board in the insurance company. In the last years, he works as an adviser to the energy industry.

In his career, he created products that have brought in more than 120 million euros in sales. But he is especially proud of finding the way to successfully build a middle class in EU community, with significant savings, and passive incomes.

Matej also believes in positive vibes and being paid for them by the Universe. What you give is what you get. “Whatever you have to offer – your talents, gifts… – share them with others,” he advises. “Even if you get nothing in return, you are richer. You get community support and you feel better. It is also your obligation to return good energy to your surroundings in a form of added value.”

Needless to say, Matej is one of the most important and contributing members of the Themis Ecosystem team.


Mr. Matej Pirtovsek, have you been connected to green living already?

Of course! I have the privilege to help building the first innovative green energy platform that grows more than 100% annually. We pursue the goal of investing 1.6 billion Euros cumulatively in the renewable energy in the self-sufficient communities by 2030. This will meet the energy needs for about 160,000 households.

Besides, I am dedicated to recycling and being active in the community. I am interested in reducing the greenhouse effect, in projects that would reduce the amount of waste in the seas, forests, and similar. This is my passion, actually.

How did you come in contact with Themis Ecosystem and Project Phoenix8?

I met the founder, Mr. Roberto Hroval, through friends. The projects were very interesting to me as they coincide with my philosophy and vision. I offered to help with my contacts, investments, experience. I am glad that I’ve come across this opportunity among the first. As soon as it was possible, I contributed a significant amount of my own money because this is a very solid and overall great project.


What is the most interesting thing that you see in the Themis Ecosystem?

The most interesting thing for me is the fact that the project is so disruptive to the rigid mainstream industry. It’s out of the box and damn right here at the right time. It solves a concrete problem. It also allows new projects to be connected additionally so it is scalable.

Another important thing is that, for the first time, the project is suitable for all generations and all kinds of people: millennials, the older generation, younger generations, traditional investors… It is useful for the whole world. Everyone is looking for working solutions and this project offers a complete, multi-layered solution.

It is created in a way to support cooperation. Everyone can participate in cleaning the planet, solving the energy problem, and, at the same time, raising their standard of living. Amazing!


It seems that you believe in the project wholeheartedly…

Yes. All the projects joined into the Themis ecosystem are amazing. For example, one of the so-called drivers, project Phoenix8, ecologically decomposes waste from the environment and transforms it into something useful everyone can use. It gives us energy in a way that does not burden the environment. It reduces the amount of CO2 and at the same time raises the standard of living. This is something extraordinary.

The following parables come to mind. IBM did not see competition in Microsoft and did not believe in personal computers. Well, Bill Gates does. He has totally disrupted the mainstream industry and become number one. The same happened to Elon Musk and Steve Jobs. I see the same potential and opportunity in the Themis Ecosystem project.


So you see a bright future for the Themis Ecosystem and its subsidiary projects?

Oh, absolutely. Themis Ecosystem is not an improved version of the mainstream or traditional waste management, recycling, energy, and the like. It is a quantum leap to a much higher level.

Based on my experience, this project offers something way bigger, better, and more sustainable, a long-term solution. And I’m really proud and honored to cocreate such a great story!

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