Themis Ecosystem is Moving Strategic Operations to Switzerland

Following many great businesses, Themis Ecosystem decided to relocate business operations to an environment that better supports innovation and business growth.

The fact is that Themis Ecosystem is growing much quicker and way bigger than planned. It needs tight professional assistance to make operations smooth, especially now because the big kick-off – the launch of many projects simultaneously – is around the corner.


All-in-one environment for business growth and coherence between industries, environment, and community

The Themis Ecosystem™ (TE) is a comprehensive global platform that sets industry development rules, regulations, and standards in coherence with the environment and community. Its primary purpose is to establish a connection between innovative and environmentally conscious technologies known as “drivers” and their supporters. The core requirement for the drivers is to address some of the most pressing global challenges in critical areas such as energy, waste management, transportation, housing, nutrition, medicine, and more.


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