Themis Ecosystem, Industrial Token, and the Drivers Are About to Seriously Enter the Global Market

While the world is largely focused on geopolitical, financial, and economic change, we remain with the original plan. We are striving for drastic but positive changes in key economic branches, through the introduction of new, more efficient green technologies. Another global impact of Themis Ecosystem concerns the field of environmental cleanup.


Preparations that are going on currently

In the background, we are quietly preparing a global plan that will combine the advancement of outstanding technology with the preservation of the planet.

To refresh your mind – Themis Ecosystem was founded due to poor solutions of global institutions, growing economic and social inequality, ineffective distribution of CO2 shares, too many intermediaries between the support community and industry, and a completely inefficient existing approach to solve environmental and similar problems.

We are pushing ourselves to the limits preparing the (very challenging) construction of the first European factory. This will be the first Themis Ecosystem´s driver and the second one will join shortly. The two mutually independent projects – ProjectPhoenix8 transforming waste to electricity and AGE Biomass Ultima that uses wood-waste for electricity production–will complete the first stage of Themis Ecosystem’s waste management.

Together, they will contribute to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas, organic waste, and an increase in electricity production.


Why do we expect a higher price of the Industrial Token

Joining the second driver contributes significantly to the Industrial Token’s market price increase. As it looks right now, the price will be much higher than originally planned. A supportive environment is also being intensively prepared in the background. Legal decisions, new companies, employees, equipment, etc., within which all systems will operate.

Lately, market prices of output products rose sharply. As trends show, they will never fall below the market average. This means that we will have more than 30% higher revenue than originally planned.

The other thing we are working on is the We4Next Nation portal. Final preparations are currently underway for the official launch.

The last piece of the puzzle represents the Online Industrial Exchange we are working on hard as well. After that, the entire Themis Ecosystem will be completed and ready for a serious entry into the global market.


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