Themis Ecosystem And It’s Commodity Exchange OIX Are Offering All-In-One Package

OIX (Online Industrial Exchange), which forms part of the much larger Themis Ecosystem, will soon open its doors. The launch will enable all participants to interact directly with breakthrough technologies, help change industries, reduce the global warming CO2 gas, and reduce personal carbon footprint without changing their lifestyles.

The innovative, future-oriented OIX brings a lot of innovations

The Online Industrial Exchange is intended to connect green, high-added value tech industries with supporters without intermediaries.

For a high-tech industry – also called a “driver” – to be accepted into the Themis Ecosystem and placed on OIX, it must meet strict criteria. It must already be developed and profitable. The end product that the technology produces must be in demand now and at least for several decades. The technology must be innovative. It must solve a significant problem in one of the key areas: transport, waste, energy, health, IT, housing, and similar. It also must be green and create a negative CO2 footprint.


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