The First Trucks With Equipment for the First Themis Ecosystem’s™ “Driver” Finally Arrived at the Location

“It took quite some time. But eight big trucks are finally here,” announced Roberto Hroval,  the founder of Themis Ecosystem™. He said that ten more trucks, with the rest of the equipment, are coming to Slovenia, EU. “After that, we will have all we need to start building our first ´driver´: a reactor, massive power generators, electrical wiring, a power plant, control panels, filtration devices, a treatment plant, etc.” 

Mr. Hroval also revealed that the primary function of the first factory will not be a profit center but “the brains of the whole operation.” It will serve as an R&D (research and development) ground zero facility – an “engineering department” with an emphasis on data capture. It will also serve as an educational center where employees and contractors will acquire new skills.

“The emphasis will be on knowledge transfer and cooperation with academic circles,” said Hroval, “because through cooperation, both sides will win. We always tend to create strong bonds with local authorities and experts. They can alert us to local specialties and rules, they 

know the customs and can open many doors for us. On the other hand, we are more than open to giving them all our research data, conducting tests for them, and similar.”

The first factory will also serve as a sample factory – or a “show-room model” for potential clients and business partners – where interested parties would be able to see how things work. Roberto Hroval also said that they need to build a big spare parts warehouse because of the immediate business expansion that follows.

He also revealed some plans: “We are negotiating with a large construction company, one of the leaders in the region, to help us with future expansion. We are talking about supporting us in expanding by producing custom-made mega-factories in Western Europe and North America.”

The other hot topic nowadays is the constantly rising price of electricity. “Recently, the price of electricity increased by 700%,” the founder revealed. “The timing is perfect for our projects. High electricity prices will create a bigger price difference. Consequently, the projects will expand faster and the results will be even greater than expected.”


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