Roberto Hroval’s Themis Ecosystem Got Its Last Supportive Piece of Mosaic That is Required Before the Online Industrial Exchange (OIX) Hits the Market

Every big idea has a group of supporters who recognized the depth of the vision, the project itself, and see the potential. Usually, the group forms along the way. But sometimes the leader incorporates it into the basic blueprint. And we are not talking about social media and other sharing platforms that supporters help grow and sustain. 

This is what the founder Roberto Hroval, a European visionary serial entrepreneur, did with his Themis Ecosystem. Although the whole project is not open to the public yet, Hroval has introduced the supporting community platform already. 

He has named it the We4Next Nation movement. It opened the door by introducing an official website. 


We4Next Nation, a smart green movement

As stated by the founder, We4Next Nation is a smart green movement that supports a new, more fair green deal for all. Membership is free and has no small print or hidden obligations. Becoming a member requires no investments, donations, or fees of any kind. Its purpose is simple – it is designed to support the Themis Ecosystem, true charity activities, and prosperity through a green deal with positive, uplifting notes. Or, as the group states it, with good vibes. 

Consequently, this unique approach enables members to support extraordinary green technologies without any middlemen from the early stages on. 

The We4Next Nation movement is also the last supportive piece of the Themis Ecosystem’s mosaic before its “heart” – the Online Industrial Exchange – hits the market.


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