Project Phoenix8, the Main Driver of the Themis Ecosystem, to Be Significantly Upgraded, Roberto Hroval Revealed

Themis Ecosystem, a whole new approach to connecting future-oriented technologies with supporters, is well-known for its very selective »drivers«. These are well-established businesses with a highly-added value. The latter is based on new solutions that solve worldwide problems.

One approach projects use to create above-average value is adding a new addition or module to proven, successful technology. For example, the project Biomass Ultima which creates green electricity from wood waste has two additional modules. The first one produces organic carbon, the second one creates real diamonds.

Now, the Themis Ecosystem’s flagship driver Project Phoenix8 is getting its addition, too.


Why Roberto Hroval decided to combine food-making with green electricity

»We have two reasons for adding an organic food-making module to our waste-to-energy technology,« said Roberto Hroval, the founder of the Themis Ecosystem and Project Phoenix8. »Our calculations show that we will have a surplus of generated energy, even after we use it for all intended purposes and sell it. This energy remains in our internal system, so we had to figure out how to put it to good use. The second reason is that organic, highly nutritious food, produced cheaply and rationally, represents one of the greatest potentials and opportunities of the future.«


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