Online Industrial Exchange™, the Heart of the Themis Ecosystem™, is Based on Blockchain Technology

Roberto Hroval, the founder of Themis Ecosystem™, explains the logic and the background of the new online industrial exchange. While the Themis Ecosystem™ represents the all-in-one platform for digitalization of the tangible industries’ goods, the Online Industrial Exchange™ is where the main action happens.

LONDON, UK – September 22, 2021 – “This is the first industrial exchange ever built on blockchain technology,” the founder explained, “that allows traders to sell and buy special e-vouchers. But it is more than that. Each e-voucher – we call it Industrial Token™ – combines two values: a proportional part of the goods the factory creates and a proportional volume of the greenhouse gas CO2 reduction. This means that the Industrial Token™ (or iTo™) holder boosts CO2 neutrality by holding these iTo™ alone.” Overall tracking of environmental values is supported by blockchain technology.


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