Millennials against diamonds, Themis Ecosystem to resolve the problem

More precisely, Millennials are not against all diamonds. They decline just the real, mined ones, preferring more planet-friendly solutions.

The pandemic, global warming, and other events raised sustainability awareness to the level that people’s values completely changed.

The market adjusted. In the middle of last year, Pandora, the world’s largest jewelry maker and jewelry brand, announced that it will stop using mined diamonds. They had two reasons for that. They moved toward carbon neutrality and more and more consumers demanded jewelry that doesn’t burden nature.

According to the company, industry growth of lab-created diamonds is outpacing mined diamonds. Their man-made diamonds are produced with more than 60% renewable energy, expecting to increase this share to 100% in 2022. Another Pandora’s goal is carbon-neutral business, using recycled metals exclusively, by 2025.


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