Themis Ecosystem™ (TE) is a global all-in-one system with its own rules, regulations, and standards that connects the best, future-oriented, green technologies called “divers” with environment and supporters. These technologies solve one of the most pressing global problems in critical fields: energy, waste, transport, housing, nutrition, medicine, and the like.

Another crucial part of the TE is the community. Supporters are connected to the “drivers” via Online Industrial Exchange™ (OIX). That way, they can directly buy final products, which always consist of two parts: the product itself and a portion of CO2 reduction create in the process. 

In short, TE is the first, one-of-the-kind, future-oriented ecosystem that:

  • identifies and gathers green technologies in an all-in-one online platform,
  • digitalizes and monetizes the products that society needs and are in high demand for the next fifty years,
  • sets strict standards in sectors crucial for our long-term future,
  • helps to reduce global warming,
  • creates a mass movement,
  • enables people to prosper by participating in green, emission-free industries,
  • allows people to lower their personal and family CO2 emissions and support global emission reduction.
Themis Ecosystem™ was built by the founder Roberto Hroval, with the help of a team of skilled experts with more than twenty years of experience in various industries, sciences, economics, R&D, project engagement, branding, designing, innovations, etc.

There are many reasons why Themis Ecosystem™ was developed, built, and launched.

The primary mission is to uncover significant global problems that we as a society have regarding the environment, industry, and prosperity. The secondary mission is to engage green, high-tech, and workable industrial solutions. By monitoring the progress in a practical and sufficient way, TE provides specially developed tools, rules, regulations, and higher standards to solve these problems.

We believe a known gap in economic, financial, community, industrial, and environmental systems is causing the unsustainability to prosperity and pushing global climate change towards an irreversible process.

The solutions that Themis Ecosystem™ provides are not just rules, regulations, standards, clear goals, tools, etc., but key answers for coherence between the environment, industry, and the community.

Yes, but they should demonstrate a dedication to solving a global and long-term problem within certain industries while meeting the following criteria:

  • Already operating system (proof of work) showing that the project is ready for industrial exploitation and scaling;
  • A long-term solution to environmental and society’s practical problems;
  • A capable team that knows how to perform the project and achieve goals;
  • The high-added value of the project;
  • Global expansion plan;
  • Positive LCA study (proof of CO2 gas reduction);
  • Transparent data needed for the valuation of IRMU™ or iTo™;
  • A plan for the “Global Cause-Effect Environmental Coherence Overview™.”

Themis Ecosystem™ has many objectives. The most important are:

  • To uncover and introduce new, breakthrough, proven technologies and help them scale;
  • To cause sustainable coherence between industry, environment, and the community;
  • To digitalize and monetize tangible products of future-oriented green technologies (energy, wastes, transportation, food, housing, medicine, AI);
  • To reduce CO2 emissions on a personal and global level;
  • To raise industry standards;
  • To build financial gain to share;
  • To expand green consciousness by creating a community–or a nation–of like-minded green-life supporters who want to participate in fundamental changes;
  • To allow everyone to participate in reshaping the industry, become a part of the significant green life movement, and even make passive income.

The market value of Themis Ecosystem™ (TE) is hard to estimate because it is a system of rules, regulations, platforms, etc. So its value is more or less connected to a potential that its drivers are creating and will create in the next 25 years, as the macroeconomic plan (MEP) reveals.

According to the MEP, the market potential is estimated to be about 349,1 billion USD. 

Environmental-industrial-community coherence means interconnectedness and interdependence between nature, industry, and people. Everything is connected by influencing and affecting each other.

Without paying attention to environmental-industrial-community coherence, one factor can be boosted – for example, industrial goals – while neglecting and repressing others (environment and people). 

The only proper way to plan and develop industrial goals is to consider how the environment will be affected and how the change will influence people – those directly engaged and others as well. 

ThemisEcosystem.News is an in-house media portal. It covers articles and news about Themis Ecosystem and its subsidiary parts: technologies, projects, charity work, etc. You can also find some exclusive news, unique articles, and interviews with insiders.
Unfortunately, the only articles that appear on the in-house portal are about Themis Ecosystem™ (TE). However, if you are a journalist or have exciting news or experience about TE, contact us (via the Contact form). We highly welcome interactions with the community!

One of the primary operations of the Themis Ecosystem™ is a connection between high-tech technologies/projects, nature, and the community. OIX™ is a specially developed online platform that allows supporters that connection. It operates as a raw material exchange but with some crucial differences from all other known exchanges.

The tangible output products of technologies/projects are digitalized and represented in the form of e-vouchers or specially developed Industrial Raw Material Units (IRMU™) or iTos™.

The market value of Online Industrial Exchange™ (OIX™) is estimated by the market cap of each IRMU™/iTo™ issued by a certain project. All of them together create a value of an entire OIX™.

On May 2023, OIX™ market value exceeded 9.125 billion USD.  

OIX™ is the only place where IRMU™/iTos™ are listed and traded. Holders/members can monitor the current supply and demand of the iTos™ and buy and sell them. Via OIX™, they can also follow environmental impact factors specially developed for this process.

No part of Themis Ecosystem™, including OIX™, has any connection to cryptocurrencies in any way, shape, or form.

Conditionally, yes. But each project must undergo a very demanding listing process. A special board of advisors evaluates and approves or rejects the project, which must meet strict criteria, like solving a pressing global problem with an innovative solution that will be valid for at least some decades, having an already operating system (proof of work), having a capable team that knows how to perform the project and achieve goals in a timely fashion, having global expansion plan, positive LCA analysis, transparent data needed for the valuation of iTos™, willing to transform end-products into iTos™/IRMU, etc.

Project PHOENIX8™ (PP8™) is a zero-emission waste-to-energy plant and the first and one of the most important Themis Ecosystem™’s “drivers.” (Drivers are advanced technologies that issue iTos™/IRMU™s, which are then traded on the OIX™ exchange.)

Integrated Product Reincarnation Technology™ transforms waste (hydrocarbons such as used tires and plastics) into green electricity with more than 98% of economic efficiency, creating CO2 negativity. By that, it solves three global problems: what to do with ever-increasing waste, where to get alternative energy, and how to reduce global CO2 pollution effectively.

The market value of Project PHOENIX8™ (PP8™) is estimated by the market cap of its IRMU™/PP8 iTo™ issued by a project.

On May 2023, its value exceeded 7.32 billion USD.  

PP8™ aims to produce 331,761,265 MWh of green alternative power production, 352,629,049 metric tons (777,414,041,367 lbs) of global warming CO2 gas reduction, 86,984,800 metric tons (191,768,673,333 lbs) of global wastes reduction, and make 35,262,904 families carbon footprint-neutral.

PP8™ is a well-prepared project with a solid background, a large production facility for industrial unit production in the background, and more than ten years of technology in use. It relies on strong practical, scientific, financial, environmental, and mainstream business facts. The solution is innovative, sought-after, and valid for at least a few decades.

Most of the EU and USA countries are under pressure to reduce their portion of non-recovered or unrecycled wastes. Project PHOENIX8™ (PP8™) solves this problem for them. It reduces environmentally harmful CO2 gas. That is why the project assures long sustainability, high added value to an environment, community, and contributes to a more predictable micro and macro economy.

Biomass Ultima™ is a zero-emission waste-to-energy plant and the second of the most important Themis Ecosystem™’s “drivers.” (Drivers are advanced technologies that issue iTos/IRMUs, which are then traded on the OIX™ exchange.)

The technology transforms waste (hydrocarbons as second-grade forest wastes) into green electricity and organic carbon with more than 96% economic efficiency, creating CO2 negativity. By that, it solves three global problems: what to do with ever-increasing waste, where to get alternative energy, and how to reduce global CO2 pollution effectively.

The market value of Biomass Ultima™ is estimated by the market cap of its IRMU™/ BUT iTo™ issued by a project.

On May 2023, its value exceeded 1.805 billion USD.  

Biomass Ultima™ is a well-prepared project with a solid background, a large production facility for industrial expansion, and more than twenty years of technology in use. It relies on strong practical, scientific, financial, environmental, and mainstream business facts. The solution is innovative, sought-after, and valid for at least a few decades.

All forested countries in the EU and USA face the same problem. Like everything else, a healthy forest must be maintained according to a long-term plan. For this reason, a certain amount of wood should be removed from the forests every year to make room for young reforestation.

Most of the wood goes to industry, but much timber is unsuitable (bent trunks, infected with parasites, diseases, etc.) for commercial use. Biomass Ultima™ is unique due to the use of the so-called second-grade material and two primary raw materials production (electricity and organic carbon instead of excess heat).

Biomass Ultima™ aims to produce 20,142,238 MWh of green alternative power production, 21,018,421 metric tons (46,337,686,412 lbs) of global warming CO2 gas reduction, 19,752,851 metric tons (43,547,582,160 lbs) of global wastes reduction, and make 2,101,842 families carbon footprint-neutral.

John’s Organic Roots™ (JOR) is an innovative green vertical farming project. It was initiated by charity organization We4Next Nation™, under Themis Ecosystem™’s rules, regulations, and supervision, and executed by its driver’s (Biomass Ultima™) team. The team successfully developed a JOR production unit as a proof-of-concept for further exploitation. The capacity of one unit is 3,528 seeds per harvest (for example, about 600 kg or 1,322 lbs of lettuce per month).

JOR is established for optimal farming of high-quality vegetables (no pesticides, air, or soil pollution) that can be produced locally and in a controlled environment.

Besides developing an optimized self-driving cleaning and recycling system, its main advantage is running on free electricity. The “drivers” (technologies that create green electricity from waste) generate a surplus of electricity redirected to power JOR.

The biggest problem we are facing today is climate change. Consequently, traditional farming is increasingly endangered. We also have to be more careful against deforestation and soil degradation. A promising technology is green vertical farming that is – If possible – placed underground. Not just that it is independent of the climate conditions, but it is also emitting four times less CO2 gas.

John’s Organic Roots™ (JOR) paves the path to a new way of farming. Powering green vertical farming is one of the biggest problems, and JOR solves it. As a charity program, the JOR unit helps local communities to get high-quality vegetables in any climate condition and at any time of the year.

The team plans to connect up to 25 JOR units from a surplus of each megawatt of installed power and, in a second phase, to move all the JOR units underground. In this way, it would not cut down forests and waste fertile land to grow crops that can be grown in other ways.

John’s Organic Roots™ aims to create 18,000 tons (2,500 JOR units) of vegetables and herbs yearly in different places, supply the local communities with high-quality food, set a role model for free-energy farming, and set the stage for underground agriculture to prevent harming forests and soil.

Zeta Quantum Diamonds™ (ZQD) is an innovative project initiated by We4Next Nation™ and executed by Themis Ecosystem™. The team will produce lab-grown diamonds using HPHT (High-Pressure, High Temperature) technology.

The electricity that will power the process will come as a surplus of energy from other projects. That way, diamonds will be made with 100% renewable energy.

There is an eternal ethical question regarding mining diamonds. Not only a lot of CO2 is created, but workers’ conditions are also questionable. A lot of times, young people are exploited.

Younger generations, especially Generation Z, raise these ethical questions and lean toward lab-grown diamonds.

We4Next Nation™ is a threefold charity organization, a movement that connects like-minded people who care about the environment, people, and the future. One of the significant parts is non-profit work, where members help build a better world.

The members can actively influence the industries by providing feedback and suggestions regarding the most pressing global problems. We4Next Nation™ also allows them to actively support breakthrough green projects and lower personal and family CO2 footprint.

Today, the work of We4Next Nation™ has already exceeded a threshold of one million dollars. The movement gathered money and help for the animal shelter and initiated production of the Asclepius8™, John’s Organic Roots™, and the Zeta Quantum Diamonds™.

For years, many members of We4Next Nation™ actively support green projects by buying and holding iTos™/IRMUs™. That way, they lower their personal CO2 footprint and also help lower CO2 in the environment.

The goals extend to three areas. First is charity work, where the team will continue providing help to selected projects, the environment, people, and animals in need. The second area is contributing new ideas and helping establish new projects, as we did for Zeta Quantum Diamonds™, Asclepius8™, and John’s Organic Roots™.

The third objective is to offer our more than two million members a stimulating environment, connecting them to the most profound and new green technologies, and allowing them to prosper and lower their CO2 footprint without changing lifestyles.

MonaLisa™ is a secure place – or vault – for keeping iTos™/IRMUs™. When people buy iTos™/IRMUs on an Online Industrial Exchange™, they need a safe place to deposit them. Due to the unique identity of iTos™/IRMUs™, MonaLisa™ is the only place where these units can be deposited.

Another unique feature of the MonaLisa Vault™ is the ability to monitor innovative environmental factors. That way, every IRMU™/iTo™ holder can check how much they have contributed to the global reduction of CO2 gas (Global Environmental Coherence factor™) and how much they have reduced their carbon footprint neutrality (Personal Environmental Coherence factor™).

Asclepius8™, or Antistress Capsule™, is a special human recovery unit, an innovative technology that provides natural and drug-free antistress therapies based on a combination of selected plant essences, sound, and colors. Each treatment lasts fifteen minutes, and up to three hundred people can be served daily.

The unique technology is already proven to work and tested on patients with very demanding health conditions: Huntington’s, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, children with intense hyperactivity and Down syndrome, and patients with general stress or sleeping disorders. The project is part of the We4Next Nation™’s charity program.

Stress is the most potent silent killer. A whopping 60% of Europeans and Americans are stressed out at work. Stress-related situations have resulted in 30-70% of disability claims, while stress at work costs the American economy, for example, more than $300 billion annually in health costs, absenteeism, and poor performance.

Most people either don’t notice they are stressed, they don’t get help, or they can’t afford effective therapies. Asclepius8™, a unique human recovery technology, will be located on the streets of big cities, so people won’t need to go to the doctor, pharmacy, or healer for stress-related first-aid help.

IRMU™ or iTo™ is an e-voucher that allows the digitalization of tangible raw materials (products) of Themis Ecosystem™’s specially selected drivers. It is also a measurement unit – or a common denominator – for various products traded only on Online Industrial Exchange™.

It consists of two parts: a proportional amount of the products that the technology creates – for example, green electricity – and a proportional amount of carbon footprint negativity created during the process.

IRMU™/iTo™ is the only way to digitalize tangible products and thus allow them to be listed on the Online Industrial Exchange™. IRMU™/iTo™ creates a solution no other technology makes possible to achieve the ultimate goal – coherence between nature-industry and community. 

No, it is not a “crypto” project in any form.

Themis Ecosystem™ uncovers global problems, finds or develops the best solutions, and offers the community to participate in them. Introducing new solutions pushes many stagnating industries and existing projects out of their comfort zones.

All projects and technologies Themis Ecosystem™ introduces are green, nature-friendly, innovative, but proven solutions that will be valid for decades. That way, a new trend is established. Not only does society get better solutions, but people can participate in them – by buying IRMUs™/iTos™ that allow them to prosper and lower their CO2 footprint without changing lifestyles.

Roberto Hoval is a researcher, innovator, and serial entrepreneur from Europe. From his teen years, he contributed many patents and unique solutions in various industries.

After successfully creating and developing more than twenty projects, he focused on an all-in-one platform for accelerating the development of key industries – while including the community in the process – called Themis Ecosystem™.

The team of skilled experts from various industries created all innovations that Themis Ecosystem™ and its parts implement. The group’s supporter is the founder Roberto Hroval who contributed many innovations by himself.

So far, the team is simultaneously working on various projects: Project PHOENIX8™, Online Industrial Exchange™ (OIX™), Industrial Raw Material Unit (IRMU™/iTo™), MonaLisa Vault™, Biomass Ultima™, and We4Next Nation™.

In the background, other projects are also preparing to be launched simultaneously:  John’s Organic Roots™, Zeta Quantum Diamons™, Asclepius8™, Fusion N900™, etc. To be informed about them, follow Themis Ecosystem™’s in-house News & Media portal at