CO2 Is Bad for the Planet, but Roberto Hroval and “Project Phoenix8” Might Lessen the Problem

When creating and using power comes to mind, we mainly think of electricity, fuel, and coal. But there is a nasty twin brother that distinguish the good ones from the bad ones.

Power usually produces vast amounts of CO2 gas. The worst is when electricity is generated from coal-fired power plants. It is calculated that one KWh of electricity produced from coal causes up to 1 kg of CO2.  For comparison, let´s use this number for “a highly technological activity” – mining cryptocurrencies.

Large Bitcoin mining plants consume up to 40 MW per hour. So, the CO2 emissions would be around 40 tons per hour. Is this high or low? A Boing 737-400 jet produces a quarter ton of CO2 per hour. Bitcoin mining plant pollutes the planet as much as 160 Boings in the sky!


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