»I have dreamed about this day all my life…«

These were the words of Joze Rozmanec, the founder and owner of the Zoopark Rozman, after receiving a cash donation of 20.000€ (US$ 22.600,00) plus 80.000€ (US$ 90.600,00) in services and programs.  “This is a big step for me,” said Mr. Rozmanec, “I have been helping animals since the fourth grade of elementary school. That’s […]

Project Phoenix8 Rewarded Contributors with a Gold-Plated Token

“This is a symbolic gift for our early contributors only. The gold-plated coin can’t be bought anywhere for any money. We only issued one hundred of them and each contributor received one of them, numbered with a unique number from one to one hundred.” The metal coin is delivered in a big black box, along […]

Is There Something You Can Do About Stress In Your Life?

Stress is the number one silent killer in the world today. There is no one who doesn’t have some form of stress in their lives. According to the Center for Disease Control, the workplace is the most popular cause of life stress.  Actually, 80% of workers around the world experience job-related stress in a way. […]

PatentReal Corporation Announces Launch of Asclepius8, a Groundbreaking De-Stress Technology

Asclepius8, invented by Roberto Hroval (PatentReal Corporation), is a specially developed mobile unit for body and mind rejuvenationRoberto Hroval of PatentReal Corporation has announced that the company is launching Asclepius8, a specially developed mobile unit for body and mind rejuvenation. Serial entrepreneur and inventor-researcher, Roberto Hroval of PatentReal Corporation, has revealed that the company is […]