A Hidden Surprise Called Themis Ecosystem Behind European’s First Climate-Neutral Continent Engagement Is a New Green Deal for Masses, Already Exceeding 2,000% In Value Growth and Rising

Europe is, among some other things, a world leader in setting new standards. Their newest goal is to become the first climate-neutral continent. »Renewable energy will play a leading role in any sustainable and cost-effective solution to climate change. Given that energy and transport account for 80% of EU emissions, climate and energy policies must […]

New Breakthrough for Themis Ecosystem: A Leading European Waste-Management Technology LuxVerte to Join and Become a Worldwide Leader

The Themis Ecosystem team is intensively preparing activities to connect a third technology – or “driver” as they call them – to their selection of the best green technologies. This one comes from the renowned Luxembourg-located company Praimgest S.A. which deals with the purification of a city sewage treatment plant’s sludge. With their innovative and […]

3 Most Potent, Future-Oriented Green Projects

Due to various industrial processes, emissions of CO2, water and air pollutions, deforestation, etc. are causing a plethora of issues for the ecosystem. Given this, there are various protests, discussions, conferences, and lots more on how to make the world greener. Therefore, lots of future-oriented green projects are going on at the moment. In this […]

Roberto Hroval, Themis Ecosystem: »COP26 is Just Another Talk Show and Road to Nowhere…«

While Greta Thunberg, led by protestors, called this year’s COP26 and Glasgow a failure, the majority of the community of experts is finally appalled by the ineffectiveness of such meetings. More than 400 private planes–carrying business attendants to the conference–released around 13,000 tons of CO2. This is more than the average annual emissions of 1,600 […]

Roberto Hroval, Themis Ecosystem: »Green Deal and Prosperity For All!« (Part 1)

We are talking to a visionary and innovator from Europe, Roberto Hroval. He is the founder of many breakthrough solutions: Project Phoenix8, an innovative waste-to-energy technology that creates emission-free electricity with 98% economic efficiency, Biomass Ultima technology for producing green electricity from wood waste with the highest efficiency on the market, and many others. The […]

What is Themis Ecosystem™? The Founder Roberto Hroval Explains

When comes to such a complex system as Themis Ecosystem, it is not easy to explain it in one sentence. It is an all-new environment where supporters get in touch with the best green projects. “They both benefit greatly,” Roberto Hroval, the founder of Themis Ecosystem, explains. “Supporters have a chance to support excellent projects […]