Investment Trends for 2020: Cryptangible Economy

 “It was good until it lasted,” we could say for crypto-fiver that was going on mainly in 2017. Nobody knew at the time if Bitcoin, Ethereum and other coins were about to go mainstream – or everything was just a spike.  It turned out that the crypto market acted as a Ponzi scheme: as long […]

A New Approach to Investment: Be More Like Warren Buffet

There are always some new opportunities and mechanisms for savvy investors. One of the most promising–and the riskiest–are startups. IPOs, companies, ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) or IEOs (Initial Exchange Offerings)… Oh, you are not familiar with ICO and IEO? Don’t worry, they have already passed by. ICOs were big in 2017 but not for […]

Project Phoenix8 Rewarded Contributors with a Gold-Plated Token

“This is a symbolic gift for our early contributors only. The gold-plated coin can’t be bought anywhere for any money. We only issued one hundred of them and each contributor received one of them, numbered with a unique number from one to one hundred.” The metal coin is delivered in a big black box, along […]

Digital Currencies 2019: A Retrospective

Like any other year, December brings memories… and some revelations as well. It was quite a ride! We kept our fingers crossed for Facebook’s Libra, observed how China develops a national digital currency, and hoping for crypto to fight the bears. But there was quite a lot going on in other areas as well. Let’s […]

New technologies still run on old, fossil-driven plants

The future is here. Artificial intelligence, bots, blockchain technology… Even traditional banks are turning into intangible monsters, living in our smartphones. Like everything goes smaller, easier, quicker, and electronic way. Unfortunately, more technology means more power. Due to the fact that only a very small amount of electricity is produced alternatively (17% in 2017), more […]

What is Product Reincarnation Technology™? | Stanford University

The Product Reincarnation Technology™ is a green, advanced technical process that converts a used and discarded product into basic ingredients, electricity, or into an original new product. Technology is intended to work for hydrocarbon products, such as scrap plastics, tires, textiles, oils, etc. As per the verification report, this is an energy-efficient solution where a […]

Better Days for American Farmers? Project Phoenix8 to Solve a Huge Problem

I read an article in the New York Times another day. It was written by Carine Hines, an American full-time farmer. She exposed one of the burning problems that affect many farms across the country. Here is her story. She and her husband Robert have a small pastured poultry and vegetable farm in Capay Valley, […]