Can We Expect Drastic Increases of the PP8 iTo Price? Two New Technologies Are About to Join the Themis Ecosystem

Besides a whole bunch of other tasks, one of Themis Ecosystem’s divisions is actively searching for already working technologies that are aligned with OIX strict standards, reduce CO2, and offer as much as possible prosperity opportunities to all the Themis Ecosystem’s participants.

The results are here!  After Project Phoenix8 and Biomass Ultima, the two new projects – or “drivers” – that solve relevant global problems are joining the Themis Ecosystem. The team will presumably sign the preliminary contract later in March 2022.

The first technology innovatively purifies difficult waste, such as waste sludge from sewage treatment plants. This is a big problem and there are not many effective and commercially successful solutions.

The second project brings a revolution in building homes. Already recognizable company produces houses made of recycled materials that otherwise cannot be recycled. This approach will have a key impact on future construction trends due to high quality, innovative waste problem solving, CO2 reduction, and good price of finished products.

Both companies comply with Themis Ecosystem’s long-term vision to change the future in one of the key segments: energy, transportation, wastes, housing, food, medicine, and IT. They are also outstanding drivers for the “new green deal” because of their considerably global warming CO2 gas reduction.

These companies are already present on the market, making profit through high added value, they have consumers, and academic and industry support. However, like many other great companies, they are in the beginning stage of mass expansion. They also do not exploit their potentials that come to place after direct connection with the community: CO2 reduction and prosperity goals.

More details about the two new incoming technologies will be presented after the signing of the preliminary contract.


The Problem of Advanced Technologies

There are many working and proven technologies that can literally change the industry, and make a positive impact on environmental issues. However, due to the strong influence of power centers, lobbies, and general support for established – albeit obsolete – technologies, they cannot penetrate the global market.

That causes damage not only to them but to the communities, environment, and industry as a whole.

But the most harmed are the users. They buy the latest generation technology that is outdated already. By purchasing, they are supporting and consolidating the monopoly position of the leading companies.

Participating in Themis Ecosystem and issuing their own Industrial Token would offer these companies tremendous momentum and save them decades in development. Excellent and advanced technologies, which have proven to work but have been suppressed so far, will be able to grow exponentially.

That is why Themis Ecosystem, Online Industrial Exchange, the We4Next Nation movement, and other support systems are so important.


How the Upcoming Technologies Will Affect the Price of an Industrial Token (iTo)

One question might arise, though. What does this have to do with other Industrial Tokens, such as PP8 iTo?

It is realistic to expect that each new “driver” that joins the Themis Ecosystem will push the PP8 iTo up. Namely, every new technology has supporters who do not know Themis Ecosystem yet. As these people, who come from another industry, become acquainted with Themis Ecosystem, the interest will expand.

Also, each new move, system building, and expansion of Themis Ecosystem contributes to the reduction of CO2 gas and, on the other hand, to the value of the Industrial Token increasing.


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