Better Living Conditions for Animals and Easier Work for the Owner of the Zoopark Rozman, Thanks to We4Next Nation Members

A few months ago, we informed you that we have allocated significant funds and other assistance to the Zoopark Rozman as part of the charity activities of the We4Next movement. Today we are pleased to inform you that the founder Joze Rozmanec grabbed the opportunity with both hands and significantly transformed his unusual place for animals in need.

Unlike zoos where healthy animals are housed, this wild animals’ shelter is home to injured and mistreated animals. Until our help and contribution, the owner took care of them with inhuman efforts providing them with daycare. Lacking the necessary infrastructure, he performed all activities by hand, including distributing fresh water to each animal. Now he has finally installed groundwater and electricity in all locations, which will, especially on hot summer days, greatly facilitate his supply and shorten his working day.

Another important acquisition is the replacement of old and dilapidated guardrails that separate animals from visitors. He will replace about a thousand yards of fences that need to be replaced. “I will be able to replace between 100 and 150 yards of the fence every month,” the owner explained.

Working machines, which have so far been located under mild skies, will get their place under a large hayrack that blends in nicely with the surroundings. The object has been acquired already, now the owner is waiting for an official permit to assemble it. 

Another great wish came true for the owner. He has always wanted to have a special place for birds. This is an extremely large cage in which the birds have so much space that they can fly freely. Mr. Rozmanec has already expanded the area of the shelter and prepared the place in the forest.


A special delegation with prominent representatives gave the green light to an important development program

A special delegation, headed by Roberto Hroval, visited the wild animals’ shelter during the week. One of the members of the delegation was a specialist in obtaining EU funds. These funds will allow the implementation of new programs. Another important member of the delegation was the Honorary Ambassador of the shelter, who watched the progress with interest. At a certain stage, he will take his role and spread the message of the programs and the shelter to the world. 

They reviewed the work done so far and made sure that funds were spent according to the plan. They were very pleased with the novelties as they did not expect so many positive changes to happen in such a short time.

But the main purpose of the delegation was to prepare the founder for the second part of the agreement, which includes the partial transformation of the wild animal shelter into an institute for research and development. The institute named GWARI will develop new rehabilitation programs that include working with rehabilitated animals and children with special needs.

For this purpose, a new facility will be set up. The park will get a classroom where these programs will be implemented on an academic level. An agreement for the construction of the facility has already been concluded, and the house is expected to arrive at any time.

Another important program that will be implemented is the rehabilitation of wild animals to return to the natural environment. It is known that animals have a hard time returning from coexistence with humans in the wilderness because they are excreted by other wild animals. Mr. Joze Rozmanec has developed a special, innovative protocol that successfully solves this problem.

All members agreed that the Joze Rozmanec had made remarkable progress. “The Zoopark is getting a whole new story,” said Roberto Hroval, the founder of the We4Next Nation movement, which collected and contributed donations and designed the development program. “The connection with the academic council, which will participate in the development of rehabilitation programs, places the Zoopark Rozman on a whole new level,” he added. 

He thanked all members of We4Next Nation and stressed that he is only a representative and acts as an extended arm of the movement.


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