A Hidden Surprise Called Themis Ecosystem Behind European’s First Climate-Neutral Continent Engagement Is a New Green Deal for Masses, Already Exceeding 2,000% In Value Growth and Rising

Europe is, among some other things, a world leader in setting new standards. Their newest goal is to become the first climate-neutral continent. »Renewable energy will play a leading role in any sustainable and cost-effective solution to climate change. Given that energy and transport account for 80% of EU emissions, climate and energy policies must […]

New Breakthrough for Themis Ecosystem: A Leading European Waste-Management Technology LuxVerte to Join and Become a Worldwide Leader

The Themis Ecosystem team is intensively preparing activities to connect a third technology – or “driver” as they call them – to their selection of the best green technologies. This one comes from the renowned Luxembourg-located company Praimgest S.A. which deals with the purification of a city sewage treatment plant’s sludge. With their innovative and […]

3 Most Potent, Future-Oriented Green Projects

Due to various industrial processes, emissions of CO2, water and air pollutions, deforestation, etc. are causing a plethora of issues for the ecosystem. Given this, there are various protests, discussions, conferences, and lots more on how to make the world greener. Therefore, lots of future-oriented green projects are going on at the moment. In this […]