A Hidden Surprise Called Themis Ecosystem Behind European’s First Climate-Neutral Continent Engagement Is a New Green Deal for Masses, Already Exceeding 2,000% In Value Growth and Rising

Europe is, among some other things, a world leader in setting new standards. Their newest goal is to become the first climate-neutral continent.

»Renewable energy will play a leading role in any sustainable and cost-effective solution to climate change. Given that energy and transport account for 80% of EU emissions, climate and energy policies must go hand in hand. That is why as part of its Energy Union the EU has put renewable energy at the heart of its future energy system and this climate agreement.«

The above statements are taken from the COP21 brochure called »The European Union Leading in Renewables«. The text concludes with a bold promise: »It is imperative that we capitalise on that because renewables will be key to reaching our 2030 decarbonisation and climate goals. That is why the EU has firmly committed to having at least 27% of renewables in its energy system by 2030.«


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