A Financial Expert Discusses Roberto Hroval’s Themis Ecosystem: “The Whole System Simply Inspires Me… It Makes the Future Much Brighter!”

Prof. Slobodan Slovic, PhD. Sc. is one of the most renowned financial experts in the region. He has worked as a CEO, an investment advisor, and a member of the board of directors at private and government banks across Europe for decades.


What is Themis Ecosystem

He took his time and carefully examined the newest and biggest Roberto Hroval’s project, the Themis Ecosystem, its drivers like Project Phoenix8, the big picture behind, its leverage, long-term economic overview, and more.

Themis Ecosystem is a US$ 22 billion all-in-one platform that enables average people to become CO2 neutral by supporting breakthrough, green technologies without changing their lifestyles, as the founder Roberto Hrvoal describes it.


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