3 Most Potent, Future-Oriented Green Projects

Due to various industrial processes, emissions of CO2, water and air pollutions, deforestation, etc. are causing a plethora of issues for the ecosystem. Given this, there are various protests, discussions, conferences, and lots more on how to make the world greener. Therefore, lots of future-oriented green projects are going on at the moment.

In this post, we will highlight 3 most of the most potent, future-oriented green projects going on at the moment.

1. Themis Ecosystem

Without a doubt, Themis Ecosystem is one of the most powerful and effective green projects available today. Launched by Roberto Hroval, this project is targeted at building an ecosystem that makes “a green deal for all”. The founder is committed to creating top-of-the-range green projects that everyone can join. Themis Ecosystem works all around the clock to aggregate varying technologically advanced projects that will bring improvements to the communities, environments, individuals, and businesses.

This project kicked off with Project Phoenix8 and has been setting the pace in the industry to help families and people to become CO2-neutral without the need to change their lifestyles. Themis Ecosystem does not only ensure CO2 negativity but also goes a long way in making sure that people can make money from it. The project encourages people to drive electric cars, save money on their expenses, and lots more.

At the moment, Themis Ecosystem has a unique e-voucher known as Industrial Token (iTo). It should be understood that the tokens are representative of the products, such as green electricity, that the company offers. The company sells the tokens to the consumers directly without involving any middlemen. Notably, these transactions take place through the platform of Themis Ecosystem called Online Industrial Exchange.

Through this platform, Themis Ecosystem gets more money to expand fast whereas the consumers also make some money. The consumers can buy the tokens and hold them for a while. They can sell the tokens later when their prices would have increased.

Notably, the first token to be listed on the platform is known as PP8 iTo, which is meant for Project Phoenix8. According to Roberto Hroval, this project involves the use of Product Reincarnation Technology, which is meant for converting waste into cheap green energy that is 98% economically efficient and doesn’t emit CO2.

It is noteworthy that this US$22 billion project cuts across different sectors such as environment and waste, housing, energy, IT, nutrition, health, and transport. Therefore, everyone can look forward to experiencing the numerous benefits that Themis Ecosystem will provide.

2. The Seabin Project

In 2015, the Seabin Project was launched by two Australian innovators, Andrew Turtons and Pete Ceglins, who are both committed to making the world greener. This project is…


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